P & I Clubs Services

Claims Handling

From our experience and knowledge of the P&I Clubs’ rules and regulations, we are able to assist Clubs in handling all kinds of claims such as cargo claims, pollution claims, collision claims, personal injuries/ stowaways, fines, F&FO claims and all other P&I relevant claims.

We depend on a wide range of competent surveyors who can cover all Egyptian ports (Alexandria, El Dekheila, Port Said (East & West), Damietta, Suez etc…) and are able to carry out all types of marine surveys.

Loss Prevention

We also regularly give assistance to Clubs with regard to various loss prevention topics by informing them with problems that commonly occur in Egyptian ports and recommendations on how to avoid them.

FD & D

Assistance may also be rendered to Clubs in respect of FD&D matters in the form of collecting evidence that may be needed in pursuing or defending a variety of different types of claims as well as arranging surveys that assist members in defending alleged claims.

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